Pivot Plus Co. is an online career consultancy firm aimed at providing people with affordable, quality-driven careers education and career services.

We offer a plethora of career services, from self-awareness assessments, progress checks, careers education, coaching and reviews as well as career counselling sessions.

Our Core Values revolve around YOU.

We're fuelled by Passion, Innovation, Vision, Opportunity, and Trust.

We're big on feeding the soul and will often curate events and workshops throughout the year so that you're continually developing and growing your career.

Know that we're here to guide you on your career journey whenever you pivot; at any stage in your life.

We cater our careers education and services to suit your particular needs.

Here's what others have to say.

'Pivot Plus Co. was professional and prompt to work with.

Aileen capably provided an overview of a specialised field of the employment sector, and consulted on our graduate and early career development pipeline.

This allowed me to better understand the sector to inform future strategy.'


Head of Partnerships; Health Sector

'Aileen is friendly, empathetic, confident and knowledgeable in her field.

During our meeting she asked meaningful questions to find out about my work background and motivators. Based on my responses, Aileen provided wise guidance and plenty of encouragement on the next steps; including a few great ideas that I never would have thought of myself!

Despite feeling like I'm in the middle of a career crisis, after my consultation with Aileen, I felt seen, validated and confident that I was in fact heading in the right direction.

I would highly recommend Pivot Plus Co. to anyone needing career guidance.'


'Aileen is a thoughtful, considerate and hard working professional who constantly strives to go that extra mile for her clients.

The attention to detail she provides is second to none, with her quality and standard of work speaking for themselves.

The time she dedicates to her clients to ensure their success is endless, with the outcomes she facilitates being a cut above the rest'


Educational professional; Not for Profit Sector

We're part of something bigger.

We're a big advocate of giving back; it's part of our core values.

That's why we feel a strong pull to align with the work that the United Nations Sustainable Development goals are doing.

In particular, Pivot Plus Co. will actively pursue partnerships and opportunities that support the following United Nations goals:

You're in good hands.

Pivot Plus Co. is proud to be a professional member of the CDAA (Career Development Association of Australia) as well as being part of the CICA's (Career Industry Council of Australia) Australian Register of Professional Career Development Practitioners.

We follow CICA's Professional Standards as well as the Code of Ethics outlined for our profession as Australian Career Development Practitioners.

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